general topics

What is the diameter of the Stockpen?

Answer: As the Stockpen is done in walk at all the levels in this competition it has been reduced in size (normally 8 – 10m at these levels) to 6 – 7m wide to save space.

What is the distance between Double Slalom cones?

Answer: For this course the Double Slalom standard distance is 7m between cones and lines. In a 20m arena, 7 almost goes 3 times. If you want to be exact it will be 6.5m from long side to first row of cones then 7m to next row and 6.5 to other longside.

What classes are doing the Gate obstacle without the rope?

Answer: In this competition, Leadline class and Preparatory class are now doing the Gate without the rope (but we won’t penalise using the rope either) – Judging the horses movement through the obstacle with the same flow as if the rope was there (approach, halt parallel to pickup point, straight backup, forward through opening and turn to line up parallel on the other side, then backup and halt at hang up point, depart). Preliminary and Novice classes will use the rope in the Gate obstacle.

How is the garrocha carried through the stockpen?

Answer: The garrocha pole is usually carried horizontally in a competition however if your horse is not used to it and would perform the obstacle (stockpen) better holding the garrocha vertically then it can be done that way. The most important factor is the ease of the horse alongside the garrocha so that rhythm, bend and activity in the walk is present without resistance or worry.


For liberty horses do they follow you around the course or do they have to do it by being directed?

Answer: You could perform it either way. There are no set guidelines for this. Just that the horse goes through the course similar to if it was being done ridden.

In the leadline coursewalk video, Maree is passing through the start flags in the opposite direction to the other levels. Is this correct? And which way do you go through the finish flags?

Answer: Yes the coursewalk video shows that the start direction is opposite to the other levels correctly (as the order and number of the obstacles executed is different in the leadline course although all obstacles stay in the same position). Then you would finish the course passing through the flags in the opposite direction to the one you started with.

In the leadline coursewalk video, the gate is shown with the rope but the course map says ‘Gate without rope’. Which way is it done?

Answer: The first two levels (Leadline and Preparatory) were updated to doing the gate without the rope after the coursewalk video was made. However, we will be flexible on this obstacle, and if you want to do it with the rope or mimicking the motions of the rider picking up/holding/hanging up the rope then that is fine. The judging will look at the movement of the horse in approach to a parallel halt at the point of picking up the rope, straight backup, forward through the opening and turn to line up parallel to the gate on the other side, then straight backup and halt at the point of where the rope would be replaced and departure. We would like to see the horse being able to flow through the movements without resistance in this obstacle and therefore want to put less focus on the rope which tends to add complications to the obstacle.


The Novice course map shows the direction through the start and finish flags as going in the same direction. Is this correct?

Answer: Yes. Novice is the only class that will do the start and finish flags in the same direction.