Ease of Handling

Obstacle Descriptions

The obstacles in the Ease of Handling phase can be easily put together from items that you have on hand.

Please ensure that the items you use are horse safe, meaning that there are no sharp edges and the item does not pose a risk of entanglement of either horse or rider.

Obstacle numbering is not required, unless you need it for your own reference.

All obstacles must be ridden as per the course map. If you are unsure, please email entries@virtualworkingequitation.com prior to filming.

We have uploaded videos on our YouTube channel to show the execution of a few of the obstacles. If you need training on the obstacles then please see the Training page.

The course walk videos are the main reference to explain what the judge is looking to see in the Ease of Handling test. All competitors should watch the course walk video before filming your test. Please register for the competition to receive the Course Walk.

Click on the obstacle for specifications and ideas to make it at home.

Course Maps

Level 1 – Leadline/In-hand/Liberty non-ridden

Level 3 – PrePARATOry

Level 4 – Preliminary

Level 5 – Novice

Course Building Instructions

Course Building Instructions

Register for Course Walk

To view the Course Walk videos with Maree McAteer, please fill out the following registration form. Press the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the form. You will receive an email with details of the competition and links to the videos.