We have a selection of training ideas in our blog for chunking down the skills in Working Equitation obstacles, as well as putting a sequence together in preparation for riding a course of obstacles. These are being added from our previous site as time permits…

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A webinar series on obstacles is available for $50NZD. You will receive over five hours of video materials showing a selection of riders doing the Rope Gate, Stockpen, Double Slalom, Bell Corridor, Side Step and Halt over Pole with observations by Maree McAteer on specific training issues and how to resolve them. Please email for details of the three webinars.

Short Training CLIPS

See our YouTube Channel for Obstacle Training and Obstacle Execution clips.

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3 Obstacle Course

Training exercise for navigation, preparation and transitions, straightness, turns, and halts.

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Walk-Canter Straightness Diagonals

Here is an exercise for developing your transitions between walk and canter. In a walk to canter transition the horse needs to load the back legs for springing up into the canter. This is useful for developing a balanced transition preventing the horse from being able to move faster and fall into the canter from…

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Exercises for Laterally Balanced Turns and Reinback

An exercise for mobilising the shoulders of the horse with 90 degree turns, practice a reinback in a straight line, and work on an egg-shaped turn that will start building into a more laterally balanced turn for outside the stockpen.

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