The Speed phase is part of a 3 phase competition which is typically included in live events. We will be running this phase every other competition. This will give you the opportunity to experience the addition of this round in the Ease of Handling course as a test of the efficiency of your partnership together in the obstacles.

Navigation on the course is at your discretion, but you are advised to maintain the confidence of your horse by keeping the pace and ease of execution in mind so as not to jeopardise your Ease of Handling training. You cannot exceed the gait of the obstacles that are required for your level. Think about travelling on shorter more efficient lines to save time, especially on a small course. You can be creative in your execution of the obstacles as long as you meet the requirements.

The speed round may also have obstacles removed or executed differently from the Ease of Handling round, or a different order of obstacles in a competition. In our case we are keeping the same course with some different requirements in the speed round.


Our competition will be keeping the same obstacles in the speed round as for the Ease of Handling round. However, you will replace the Halt-over-pole in the Lead-line and Preparatory classes with a ‘walk over pole’ obstacle where you need to be walking before passing into the transition markers and only resume trot once the horse’s back legs have passed outside the transition markers.

The Lead-line and Preparatory class will also have the option to hangup the rope gate on one side only for the speed round. The rope is included for the gate in the speed round whereas we have made it optional for these two classes in the first Ease of Handling round. All other classes will do the full gate in both the Ease of Handling and the speed round.

The stockyard will be done in one direction only for Lead-line, Preparatory, Preliminary, and Novice levels in the speed round.

You will also not need to halt at the Bell Corridor (which is different from WEDU rules), but we ask that you do a few steps of walk in the Lead-line and Preparatory classes for this obstacle since it is a forward exit or there will be a minor time penalty added.

See the YouTube playlist for tips and options in the Speed round.

How is this round scored?

The phase placings will be done based on time, starting when you enter through the start flags until you pass through the finish flags.

Lead-line and Preparatory rounds cannot do a gait faster than a trot. If more than 3 strides of canter are seen in a round then you will receive a time penalty.

Preliminary and Novice riders must trot the slalom from the point of the horse’s nose reaching the first pole to the point of the hind legs passing the end pole. The transition needs to be outside of the obstacle otherwise penalty time will be incurred.

There will also be time penalties for errors in the obstacles.

At the higher levels (Preliminary and Novice in our case) you are expected to finish each obstacle and return any parts that have been knocked over, such as the rope dropping on the ground or garrocha pole falling out of the barrel on deposit.

As for the Ease of Handling round you will be disqualified for doing a course in the wrong order or direction of entry indicated on the course map, or passing through the finish flags before the course is completed.

Although you would need to salute the judge before and after the speed round in a live competition, we will not penalise you in our first competition introducing the speed phase.

The final scores will be points based on the placings of each competitor in order of lowest time. The points earned in each phase are combined to produce the overall points and competitor placings.