3 Obstacle Course

Here is a challenge following on from the previous training exercise of straightness and diagonals. This exercise is a 3 obstacle course to practice navigation, preparation and transitions, straightness, turns, and halts. You will need 2 poles (halt over pole in both directions), 2 cones/posts (switch cup), and a barrel/table (jug lift). This exercise is only completing the halt of the obstacle so you do not need the props (the cup and the jug). Our configuration has the poles in the middle, but feel free to swap the obstacles in each position to mix it up (having the barrel across the diagonal would remove the requirement for a second pole).


Gait between obstacles can be walk, trot, or canter. You can spread out the course further into the arena to give yourself more room between obstacles and/or combine it with the previous challenge #4 to walk shoulder fore turns in the corners.

Start on long side towards K on the left rein.

Halt between two cones (1.2m apart).

Continue straight at your selected gait between obstacles around the arena to B and quarter turn towards X

Halt next to barrel at X (this is set up for right hand).

Continue straight at your selected gait between obstacles towards E. Turn across the diagonal and either take a straight line or make a serpentine left then right and into a half circle to line up straight towards the pole.

Halt over the pole for 5 seconds.

Continue straight at your selected gait between obstacles towards the corner.

Change the rein through a balanced turn at the corner or a serpentine (left then right) or a circle (right) around using the space you need. Repeat on the right rein coming around the corner from F. The line up to the barrel will now be on the left.